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Central zone

The Central region of Nicaragua is considered the farm of the country since most farming activities are done in this area which is favored with a very pleasant climate suitable for plants growing.

The mountain environment will captivate even the most experienced traveler, among its attractions are nature reserves that represent the lungs but not only for Nicaragua but also Central America. The cities who conform this zone are:

Central map

Nueva Segovia - Madriz - Estelí:

Are called the northern cities are characterized as being among hills, engaged in growing vegetables and basic grains. Among the natural beauty of these cities are Somoto´s canyon, the natural reserves of Miraflor and Tisey-Estanzuela. The people are very friendly and always make you feel like home with a delicious cup of coffee and delicious rosquillas (corn toasted donuts).

Jinotega - Matagalpa:

The height at which they are located is perfect to the cultivation of coffee which its beans are located among the best in the Latin American region, there are several organic farms that host the visitors and offer guided tours through coffee plantations, where they explain the cultivation techniques they practice to help environment conservation.

Boaco - Chontales:

These cities are dedicated to livestock, becoming them in the main producers of milk and meat. On a tour through them you can enjoy spectacular views towards the mountains of Amerrisque, the thermal waters of Santa Clara and some small rivers located near downtowns.

San juan River:

It is a place of historical importance, in the past worked as a military fortress in the Castle la Immaculate a fight took place to defend the national sovereignty against the filibusters. The river is located near important reserves like Los Guatuzos and Indio Maiz where you can enjoy the jungle scenery and wild nature such as crocodiles and alligators.


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