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Esteli - Nicaragua

Esteli - Nicaragua
Tisey-Estanzuela protect area - Esteli Nicaragua

Estelí, also known as ¨El Diamante de las Segovias¨is a town in northern Nicaragua, with a population of approx. 230.000 inhabitants. It is located 2 hours from Managua, you can reach easily in a vehicle or take a bus on El Mayoreo station.

The climate is very pleasant, cause is located at 800 meters above sea level, with temperatures ranging between 25 ° C and 28 ° C with a humidity lower in comparison with other areas of the country.

Its main economic activities are livestock and agriculture, is internationally renowned for the cultivation and processing of Snuff. It has a natural wealth among which are impressive waterfalls, nature reserves and archaeological Pre-Columbian.

Sites of Interest

La casa de la Cultura, in the town of Pueblo Nuevo, where kept the archaeological of the princess of the town found in one of their communities, as well as other archaeological treasures of interest.

San Juan de Limay, a village of craftsmen who produce beautiful sculptures in marble.

Natural forest protection of La Virgen, just 20 km from Pueblo Nuevo, where are fossils of birds and other animals, petroglyphs of 30,000 years old considered the oldest evidence of human existence in Central America, the monolithic of la Virgen and organic coffee farms.

Protected Area Tisey-Estanzuela, only 12Km from the city of Estelí, with hightest between 700 - 1500 meters above sea level, flora and fauna biodiversity, with about 120 species, many of which are in danger extinction . In the reserve side converge the three main water Nicagua the Gulf of Fonseca, depression lake and the Caribbean Sea. Proof of this is the river that forms a wonderful Estanzuela waterfall where you can enjoy crystal-clear waters.

In the area there is a farm that provides lodging, where you can appreciate the beauty of the region as well as outdoor activities like camping, horseback riding, hiking, enjoying the fruits and cheeses made by hand.

The Miraflor Nature Reserve, where you can enjoy the exotic nature tours and panoramic views, as well as majestic waterfalls Read more...

In Estelí you can enjoy pleasant nights in different places where local groups perform live music. It is these northern taste of its inhabitants by ranchera music, polkas and cumbias are notorious in the various activities both household and local celebrations. These include its equestrian events held in December, that meets horseriders from all over the country.


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