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Los Guatuzos

 Los Guatusos Natural Park
Los Guatusos nature reserve Zoom

Los Guatusos, a unique area of wetlands in Central America, is a wildlife sanctuary of inestimable value. The park is south of Lake Cocibolca and near the border with Costa Rica.

Los Guatusos covers an area of 430 km (166 sq mi) with the following ecosystems: lagoons, wetlands, dry and rain forests. The park is home to jaguars, monkeys, crocodiles, turtles, toucans, iguanas and orchids.

Visitors to the park should bring binoculars so they can see the animals close-up without disturbing them. At a safe distance, you can see the glistening, unblinking eyes of crocodiles millimeters above the water line.

There are more varieties of birds here than in all of Europe and one of the greatest concentration of birds to be found in Central America. The area is on the migratory route of
many birds.

Years ago, the Malekus inhabited the area and are still found today living near the border with Costa Rica. (not sure if this is what you mean)

Currently, the sanctuary has a sister park in Spain: the National Park of Doñana.

A visit to the Los Guatutos Ecological Center, located in the heart of the sanctuary and close to the Papaturro river, is worth the trip. The Center is committed to the management of the sanctuary and conducts research, meetings, and workshops.

There is lodging near the Center and you can hire a guide to explore this fascinating place in depth.


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