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How to arrive to Matagalpa

Catedral de Matagalpa
Catedral de Matagalpa
photo by Armando Gonzalez

By car: from Managua you have to take "Carretera Norte" (North Highway). It takes 1.5 hours driving from Managua International Aiport and about 2 hours from the centre of Managua capital. You can rent a car in the airport.

By Bus: the bus stations is just outside the Airport the bus takes 2 hours and the its ticket cost 60 - 70 cordoabas ($4 -$5)

Intersting events

January 07: Celebartion of Esquipula's man in Esquipula town
1st January week: Nicamer fair in Matagalpa
February 11: Celebration to our lady of Lourdes
February 14: Anniversary of having been elevated ta a city Matagalpa
March 19: Celebration of San Jose in Matagalpa, La Dalia, Matiguas, y Terrabona
June 24: Celebration of San Juan de chaguitillo
June 29: Celebration of San Pedro and San Pablo in Dario City
July 25: Celebration to Satiago apostol in Sebaco
2nd August week: Huipil's celebration in the social club of Matagalpa
4th August week: Corn fair in Matagalpa
3rd September Week: Farming fair in Matagalpa
September 24:Celebration of Merced Vigin in Matagalpa
1st October week: festival of Polkas, Mazurca and Jamaquellos
3ra november week: Festival of the beer Oktoberfest in the mountain Hotel Selva Negra
1st december week: Nacional coffee fair in Matagalpa


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