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Matagalpa Nicaragua

View of Matagalpa
Matagalpa's view
photo Armando Gonzalez

Looking at Matagalpa's landscape you can't belive it's in Nicaragua, woods, green fields and fresh climate make this area very different from the rest of the country.

Matagalpa is one of the Nicaragua's main town and is located 65mi (130 Km) northeast of Managua at 2,700 feet (900 mt) above sea level. This town, one of the most importantin Nicaragua, has about 120,000 inhabitants, all the department 500,000 inhabitants.

Matagalpa climate is good for growing coffee a chief resource.

A short distance from Matagalpa there is Selva Negra (Black Forest), a 495-acre/200-hectare private reserve that offers a resort hotel, extensive hiking trails, horseback riding and a particular cloud-forest ecosystem. Among the cedars, pines, mahoganys and orchids, you’ll find howler monkeys, coatis, armadillos and 200 species of birds. This is one of Nicaragua’s prime ecotourism attractions.

Matagalpa is an old name that means "Lets go where the rocks are", because it´s located on the shore of Rio Grande, called "rocky river" (Kiwaska) by the natives.

Matagalpa was one of the settlements discovered by the Spanish in 1542 when they were trying to find the passage to the North. As the Spanish did not find gold there, the village was settled by missionairies accompanied by a few soldiers. But soon more Spanish, more men than women settlers arrived in Matagalpa and started mixing with the local population.

Dario city: las playitas, moyoa y tecomapa; Natal Ruben Dario house
Nacional historic monument
Sebaco: Inmaculada Concepcion church, Nacional monument, sanctuary of chaguitillo, Chaguitillo's mueum
Matagalpa: San Pedro Cathedral, Coffee's museum, cementery of the foreign

A good place for a vacation.


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