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North of Nicaragua

Parque de Jinotega - Nicaragua
Parque de Jinotega

With the aroma of coffee and between the contrasting landscapes of dry tropico and the green of pine forests, we are in the north of Nicaragua, a place that captures a unique charm. This area has a temperate climate, hights between 1000-2000 masl, a varied topography with valleys and plateaus and mountains with a wealth of flora and fauna.

From Managua, you can get there reaching the Panamerican Highway Km 110 to Sebaco township, where you can lead the North to Estelí, Madriz and Nueva Segovia and Jinotega and Matagalpa at Northeast.
Visiting these cities you can enjoy the lifestyle of its people, very hospitable and simple people, with picaresque characters and mythical. Cities are full of history, the cradle of greatest artists such as musicians, poets, painters, artisans and dancers.

Their music reflects the history behind these cities as well as its mythic legends, the craftiness of his people, accompanied in bright guitars and marimba notes. The most important cities in this region are: Estelí, with a diverse business, stunning nature reserves, archaeological riches and a craft; Somoto famous for its rosquillas, maize-based foods, as well as its scenic beauty in their villages located in the mountains and of course the amazing Canyon Somoto located minutes from downtown, Matagalpa and Jinotega, where you can enjoy the mist in the mountains, where coffee plantations with very good quality.

We dare you to explore it..!


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