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Ometepe island Nicaragua

Ometepe island map - Cocibolca lake
Concepcion Volcano - Ometepe Zoom

It's the biggest lacustrine island in the world. It's placed inside Cocibolca lake and it's created by two big active volcanoes Conceptión 1610 mts high and Maderas 1394 mts high. Its surface is about 270 square kilometers and it has 35000 inhabitants approximately. The most part of Ometepe inhabitants work in farming

Its name derives from the Aztec language and it means Ome= two and Tepelth=hills, due to the mountains formed by the two volcanos. The volcanic activity, through the deposition of volcanic ash, has made the soil of the plains extremely fertile, permitting constant planting without fallowing. The island has probably been inhabited since 2000-2500 B.C.

To reach Ometepe island you can catch a boat from Granada and after 4 hours you'll arrive to Altagracia port or you can leave from San Jorge (Rivas port) to reach, after 1 hour you reach Moyogalpa's port. There are small wood boat thar can take only people and ferry boat that can carry cars and lorries.

Ometepe island hut Nicaragua
Ometepe island - Farm Zoom

It's possible to make tracking in mountain bike, trips riding horses, on the slopes of both the volcanoes reaching deveral lagoons inside some dead creaters.

The are also a many kinds of animals of which some are native plants are also archeological sites dated over 2000 years. You can find beautiful beaches of white sand where make the bathing.


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