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Pacific ocean - Beaches

San Juan del Sur beach - Nicaragua
Pacific Coast of Nicaragua - Zoom

The west coast on Nicaragua, overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is famous for its big beach with a white soft sand dipped in the green of the tropical forest.

Starting from the North we find the beaches near Leon: Poneloya and La Pinita, principal goal of the inhabitants of this city; following toward Sur we find other beach like Boquita or Las Salinas very beautiful because few tourist reach they yet.

The most famous city on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua is San Jun del Sur with its wonderful bay, but there are some other nice beach around this city. Toward the north the first beach that you find is Playa Marcela, in this beach the waves are weak and also the children can bath. Following toward north you meet playa Madera famous for its big waves good for surfing, the last beach is Majagual that have also a camping zone and some bungalow that can be rent.

From San Juan del Sur toward the Sur there is El Coco very big and with weak waves, it has also a village of bungalow with all the comfort in the tropical forest near the beach; near this beach there is La Flor smaller and without any place where eat or sleep (you can put a tend), those two beach have a great variety of animal but in particular the turtles who came on the beach to place the eggs; the last beach before arrive in Costa Rica is the Ostional.


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