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Pearl Lagoon

Pearl Lagune - Nicaragua
Pearl Lagune - Nicaragua

Covering 532 square kilometers, "La Perlas" lagoon is one of the largest freshwater lagoons in Central America. With 5,000 inhabitants, it's one of the most important villages on the Nicaraguan Atlantic Coast.

"La Perlas" lagoon is on the north of Bluefields and it's linked with this town by a scheduled boat service. The trip from Bluefields to "La Perlas" takes one hour and arrives at the Criol port in the southern end of the lagoon.

The lagoon is an unspoiled paradise with birds and many kinds of wild animals, mangrove trees and tranquil unexplored beaches. In the villages of the lagoon there are only a few cars: among those an old Jeep taxi.

A century ago, "La Perlas" lagoon was considered the second capital of the Mosquitia kingdom when the last Mosco king took up residence in the city. He arrived here after Henry Clarence deposed him in Bluefields in 1894.
or When the last Mosco king took up residence in Las Perlas a century ago, it became known as the second capital of the Mosquitia kingdom. He arrived here after Henry Clarence deposed him in Bluefield in 1894.

During that ages the "La Perla" lagoon was named, for its beauty and the height ships traffic in its ports "the Granada of the Mosquita". At that time, the Las Perlas lagoon was called "the Granada of the Mosquitia" because of its beauty and the booming ship traffic. An 18th century cannon situated in the main street of the city has an inscription commemorating battles between liberal and conservative factions.

Arriving at the "Perlas" lagoon, you notice the wooden fishing boats. Fishing is the principal activity of the inhabitants and an important natural resource

The people that live in the villages near the lagoon are busy all day. There is constant activity aroound the boats and fishing gear since fishing is the primary source of income for these families. The children help with the fishing and in the afternoon you can see them at the dock practicing their fishing skills using line and hook.

The children dream about catching "King Sabalos" that can weigh up to 200 lbs. But content themselves with crabs and fish that are less than 4 inches long and weigh a fraction of an ounce. They're happy knowing that their catch will become a delicious soup.


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