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La Flor beach - Nicaragua

Sea turtle in La Flor beach
Sea turtle Nicaragua

South of San Juan del Sur, La Flor is one of the most beautiful beaches on the pacific coast of Nicaragua. There are no hotels or restaurants next to. It's necessary to take food and drink along when paying a visit to it.

It's however possibile to go camping there for 8$. The main attraction there is the egg laying season, from July to February for thousand of paslamas Turtles.

The egg laying reaches it's maximum inbetween August and Novembre These turtles lay roughly 100 eggs and burry them under the sand so that the sun keeps them warm. The eggs which find themselves. In the most hot part of the nest, will turn out female, the others males. The young, that hatch after 7 weeks, have to find a lot of energy to cross that stretch of beach to the sea to keep away from the dangers of preying animals and also from mankind.

La Flor is situated in a Natural Park.Therefore all the area is protected and supervised by guardians who are responsible for collecting the admission ticket of 5$.

On the beach there are many pellicans, tijeretas, urracas and chocoyos. There is a small island in front of the Flor which is populated by the last two species And many other species of acquatic birds. On the mountainous area behind the bay, it's easy to find Congo monkeys and monkeys of the white face.


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