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Pochomil beach

Pochomil beach Image - Nicaragua
Pochomil beach Image - Nicaragua

It is the beach nearest Managua. Almost desert during the week, it gets very crowded with people, especially from Managua, in the weekend. The beach is wide and the water is good for swimming.

It is not a village, but a tourist resort and to go in, a toll is required (nearly 15 cordobas) Differently from other Nicaraguan places, a tourist may be assaulted by inhabitants very willing to offer him food and accomodation.

Winds normally blow offshore on the Nicaraguan Pacific Coast , creating dangerous windsurfing conditions, Pochomil's wind usually blow in a side-shore-to-side-off-from-the-left direction due to the Crucero Mountain Range, making ocean sailing safer.

Even if it is forbidden, turtles eggs are on sale, but you are invited not to acquire them for avoiding endangering this wonderful animal survival.

In all the restaurants of Pochomil an excellent fish soup may be tasted.


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