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celebracon de la purissima en Granada

¿Quién causa tanta alegría? !
La Concepción de María !

The Church celebrates the Immaculate Conception on 8 December. This tradition dates back several centuries and was brought from Europe specifically by the Spanish friars.

Was born in the city of Leon, in the church of San Francisco in the early eighteenth century, the monks drew with candy and fruit to children and devotees to pray to the Virgin. Soon the crowd was so huge that religious attendees suggested that home began to celebrate the songs and prayers to the Virgin. The tradition came to Granada and Masaya, and then the whole country.

The celebration of the Immaculate in Nicaragua is the most entrenched and overwhelming expression of popular religion in Nicaragua. Around an altar decorated in honor of the Virgin Mary are located the persons invited by the owners of the house, the prayers to the Virgen are alternated with traditional songs that are sometimes accompanied from tambourines and guitars, to musical bands and mariachis.

In the course of the Immaculate celebration, the hosts gives traditional sweets, toys, food, traditional drinks and on the outside of the house explode fireworks.

Another conclusion is related to the Immaculate is “La Griteria”, which is celebrated on December 7, at 6 pm the explosions of fireworks kicking off the busiest and massive national religious holiday.

People come in groups to “gritar” to the Virgin Mary on altars prepared by people who have received miracles of the Virgin and devotion that have been held for generations, are spread from fruit to toys and kitchen utensils, depending on the posibilities of the host, singers ranging from altar to altar until very late night when the owners are have no more gifts.

In Granada is celebrated as a novena, with each neighborhood decorate and arrangement of the altar and the gifts, which is a way of sharing Christian love and peace and joy to celebrate that tradition. The festivities of La Purisima is a sense of not only religious but also a cultural sense. Have led to art, to scenery, conducting paints, curtains which adorned the altar.

In this festival highlights the ritual of “Lavado de la plata” (Washing of the Silver) held on December 6, which consists of cleaning silver goods that the Virgin has received an offering of the faithful, for favors received.

This activity, which takes place in the city of El Viejo (Chinandega), unites followers around the country, arriving at the Basilica of Our Lady of the Throne to pay pledges received by the Virgin


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