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Holy Week - Nicaragua

Semana Santa Nicaragua
Via Crucis in Leon Cathedral

Holy week is a period in which Christians commemorate the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ, and Nicaragua is a Catholic country with so much enthusiasm, mixed with their generational traditions, become this a perfect time to enjoy the richness of their culture both religious and food, which varies depending on the city, but each one more original than the other, it is interesting both for tourists and for foreign nationals to fill the streets with religious fervor.

Among the more notable celebrations are:

Judea, celebrate it in almost all cities, which is a representation of the Passion of Christ, which involves children and adults, while viewers can see on the streets the festival which is an expression of community because its member came from all districts to participate on the interpretation. Among the most prominent are the group of las Jaguitas and Tipitapa.

Holy Cross Aquatic at Islets of Granada, considered one of the most original celebration in which revives the biblical story of the martyrdom suffered by Jesus before dying on the cross, the image of Jesus is carried in a boat with hundreds of pilgrims to around 14 islands which are transformed into an altar decorated with flowers and fruit grown on the islands later offerings to the image.

Carpets of Subtiava, a tradition with over 70 years on Leon's streets, with its beautiful carpets made with colored sawdust and very creative Bible passages alluding to the passion of Christ is celebrated on Holy Friday. Masaya city is also engaged in carpet of flowers making honor to its title as city of flowers.

Pilgrims Carriages Jesus of Rescue, a centuries-old tradition that now includes more than 200 carts coming from Nandaime, Granada, San José de Gracia, Masaya, Niquinohomo, San Juan de Oriente and meetings up to the Sanctuary of Popoyuapa in Rivas, where they remained four days, is a tradition that passes from generation to generation, the families the night before start praying the rosary and distributed offerings among the community, the carts tend to take the yellow flag indicating religious devotion and the national flag blue and white, such as, images referring to Jesus of Rescue, they carry their belongings and make camping stations to reach its destination.

Celebration of San Lazaro, peculiar traditional festival celebrated in Masaya in honor of San Lazaro, Mass is conducted every fifth Sunday of Lent and the special of this celebration is that parishioners bring their pets, including dogs and pigs to thank the Holy blessings received towards their pets.

Holy Cross and Burial at Nandaime, is very representative of this city where the faithful gather to celebrate on Good Friday they star at morning and cross the streets at night is the procession of the Holy Burial, where parishioners carry a coffin in the main streets into late night as solemnity of Jesus death, until make its entry into the Church.

Although the reason for Easter are religious holidays, a large segment of the population chooses to use these days to share with family and friends to visit the beaches, rivers and other tourist attractions, beaches overflow of visitors, among the most popular are:

San Juan del Sur, the most popular beach that in recent years increase their tourism flow for this time and where are organized a series of activities ranging from concerts, sporting events and big parties where you can not miss the open bar of beer, rum and others.

Pochomil, for its proximity to the capital is one of the most visited places in the season; there are several sports and recreational activities. They are also among the most visited beaches San Jorge in Rivas, Las Peñitas in Leon, and in general the families seeking a seaside resort close to be able to cool a bit before the hot weather typical of this season.


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