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Solentiname - Nicaragua

Solentiname archipelago - Nicaragua
Solentiname's archipelago - Nicaragua

Solentiname's archipelago is located in the south part of the Nicaragua Big Lake (Cocibolca) and has 36 islands of varying size. The archipelago is part of the Nicaraguan depression formed in the Tertiary period (26-66 million years ago). Its elevation is between 100 to 780 ft. (30 to 250 m)above sea level.

Limitated turist access and a short supply of electricity make these islands are an ideal quite place to get away from all. Solentiname is in the tropical zone and also has a dry season. Rainfall averages 1,500 mm (59 in.) from May to December and average temperature is 26-28 C (79-84 F).

Most of Solentiname is covered by young or regrowth trees. Macarroncito island has only old growth. The archipelago's economic activity is based on agriculture and cattle raising.

The number of fauna and flora species is smaller here than in other San Juan's department side, but Solentiname has several unusual species, mainly amphibian, that are difficult to find in other areas.

The archipelago has many archeological sites where you can see pre-colombian
sculptures and caves with old paintings and drawings.

all the world.


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