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San Jerónimo Festivites

Masaya is in holiday in the month of October as part of celebrations to San Jeronimo, the sain patron of the city. Important activities take place, in a show of culture and tradition, among them are:

Los Agüizotes

It is a dance festival in the city of Masaya, which takes place the last Friday of October. The party or night procession of los agüisotes is the introduction to the celebration of el Gran Torovenado in town, comes out through streets and avenues of the city.

People celebrating los Agüizotes
Photo by Julio Molina

The belief in Los Agüizotes is a reflection of that superstition, fed by their ancestors and forced by the elements brought into the colony, developing more superstitious and becoming a traditional expression in the present.

Participants use to make their costumes, black, brown and white fabrics, y máscaras que representan a personajes identificados mitos y leyendas nicaragüenses, tales como La Carreta Náhuatl, La Llorona, La Muerte Quirina, La Mocuana, El Padre sin Cabeza, El Cadejo, La Chancha Bruja, entre otros.

The masks are produced by local artists. In the procession of the Agüizotes participated more than 10 popular music bands called "chicheros", distributed in fourteen blocks, in which almost 10 thousand people dressed dance to the music with proper movements from the characters that are representing.

El Torovenado

Days after the Agüizotes, is celebrated the "Torovenado", is a popular dance festival, is a kins of burlesque and ridicule carnival. The output of Torovenado involves the payment of a promise to the saint. Take place the last Sunday of October and starts from noon and runs until sunset.

Dancers in Torovenado

Photo by Rodrigo Castillo

The torovenados go in small groups, in couples or just alone, using all types of costumes. Most try to imitate or ridicule any national or foreign character.

They wear old clothes or outdated, broken umbrellas, outdated bags and use numerous accessories that bear no relation to the suit and disharmony rather.

They are quirky and bizarre people. They Make gestures, grimaces and antics to amuse the public. A group of philharmonic or chicheros playing the typical toros or cachos music. It also takes a cart pulled by oxen, adorned with stalks of banana, coconut palms and flags.

There you can see the cause of Torovenado, the reason for the promise. On a canvas or string scissors is a sick constantly complaining, the doctor who attends him, the nurse who assisted him in their needs. The torovenados of the carriage making the prosecution's case with great humor, all for the purpose of entertaining and making the audience laugh.

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