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Granada´s Interesting sites

Colon Central Park

The park was built in 1880 as the Central Park and was later named Colon on October 12th 1892.






Independence square and obelisk

The obelisk is a monument dedicated to the independence heroes in the first centenary of this event in 1921.

Fountain of Colon Park

In the center of the Central Park, where many years ago there were the center of the town, today you can see the Fuente del Amor (Love's Source). In December 30th 1880 was drowed up a contract between Marco Antonio Lacayo and the municipality rapresented by Rito Baez where Mr. Lacayo pledged himself to buy the source listed in the W. Fiske's company catalog of New York at the price of 1,200 pesos. The artist Pedro Vargas restored the scultures.

San Juan de Dios Hospital

with a neoclassic facade, was built in the year 1880. The new hospital was inaugured in the year 1905.

Municipal market

this market was built in 1890 and was inaugurated in 1892. It is neoclassical style.

Harbor Captainship and the Granada Pier

this pier is 700 feet long and 16 feet wide, and was built by the architect Jose Pasos Dieaz.

Lions Little Square

you can find this on the north side of the obelisc and is so called because of the Lion Arcade.

Lions Arcade

typical colonial architecture and was built in 1809.

Culture Palace

"Joaquin Pasos": an old house of the social club founded by Emilio Bernard.

Railroad Station

neoclassical style built in 1888.

Episcopal Palace

Residencia del Obispo de Granada

neoclassic style built around 1913.

Century Cross 901

In order to celebrate the century change, this monument was made of basalt with four rods wide by eleven rods high. It was conceived by Carlos Ferrey.

The soul chapel

neoclassic architecture. This chapel is in the cementery and its construction begun in 1885 and was completed in 1922 by Carlos Ferrey. Some people say that is one of the most important buildings in Central America because of its style and construction.

La Polvora Fort

west of the city. This fort was designed by Luis Diez Navarro, the construction if the build began in 1748 and finished in 1749 January the 16h. Initially the Polvora was used to store gunpowder, later became the barraks and the jail of Granada city and was witness of great internal struggles. The polvora was build in medieval style with high towers and thick walls and ii look like a fortress. During Somoza dictature was utilized as a political prison and as a site of the "Guardia Nacional". When the Sandinist get Granada control, the Polvora was used like a police centre Now is a museum.


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Real estate

Casa de Playa en Venta
Casa de Playa en Venta

Edificio de 2 pisos en Juigalpa
Edificio de 2 pisos en Juigalpa

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Muestra de Glifos
18 artistas del grabado muestran su arte en ingenio
IX Granada’s International Poetry Festival
Granada’s International Poetry Festival is an extraordinary celebration of poetry that takes place across the entire city.For a week Granada is transformed into a virtual Capital of the World’s Poetry
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