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Transport in Granada

The most common type of transportation in and around Granada is the collective taxi. The fare is 10 cordobas per person within town during the day ( 7 am to 10 pm): after 10 pm the fare is 15 cordobas. Fares double when traveling to the suburbs.

Also, you can take a horse and carriage for the same price as taxis.

Several months ago, a bus service started that uses small, old buses that can carry about 20 people. This service has a fixed route within city and costs 3 cordobas.

A different way to enjoy Granada is with a colorfully painted bus, that for 5 cordobas, offers a city tour accompanied by latin music emanating from large speakers in the rear of the bus. There is also a colorfully painted tractor that pulls carriages where you can sit and take in the scenery while listening to typical latin music. Only friday, saturday and sunday.

When travelling outside Granada, you must use the local bus system.

Express Bus:

24-passenger direct bus. This bus station is one block south of Central Park. The bus leaves Granada every 20 minutes starting at 6 or 6:30 AM.

Granada - Managua C$ 20

Local Bus:

50-passenger and is usually yellow.

Prices: Granada - Masaya C$ 10 The bus station is near the market

Granada - Managua C$ 14 The bus station near ìthe old hospital

Granada - Rivas C$ 22 The bus station near the gas station Shell Palmira

International Bus

is air conditioned and is called Transnica S.A. Tel. (0)552-6619 Granada.

Salida Granada - San Josè 6:20 am 8:00 am 11:00 am

Ticket price: two way $20 - one way $10

Tica Bus Tel.(0)552-4301 Granada.

Salida Granada - San Josè 6:15 am 12:15 pm Ticket price: two way $ 20 - C$ 280 - one way $ 10 - C$ 140

Salida Managua -Panama 6:15 am Ticket price: two way $ 70 - one way $ 35

Salida Managua - San Pedro Sula (Honduras) 4:00 am Ticket price: $ 28

Salida Managua - San Salvador 4:00 am Ticket price: $25

Salida Managua - Guatemala 4:00 am Ticket price: $ 33


Managua Airport Transfer

Managua Airport Transfer to Granada
managua airport transfer

This is the best shuttle service from the Managua International Airport to Granada
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Real estate

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Casa de Playa en Venta

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Edificio de 2 pisos en Juigalpa

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