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Granada Celebrations

Tope de Toros - August

The bull is captured to go in the "barrera"

If you stay in granada in August, the saunday before the 15Th you can see a special celebration called "Tope de toro" where several bulls run free along Granada streets.

The bulls come freed near la Polvora fortress and some knights keep them along Xalteva street then cross Central Park, go down the Calzada street to reach the lake shores. Every bull is accompanies by a lot of fearless boys that attempt to escape from the bulls running before them but a the same time annoying them with screams and hitting them with branches.

The bulls that take part to the "Tope" aren't very dangerous but sometimes accident occurs, during last year edition a bull killed a horse in Central Park.

In the night the bulls are translated to the turistic center where, during the follow week, the boys of Granada try to ride them in the barrera (lika a small arena). You can see the show for 25 Cordobas.

Desfile Hipicos - August

Horse day in Granada

The sunday after the "Tope de Toro" you can see the "Desfile Hipico", during this celebration the best horse of the Nicaragua march along the streets of the city; this is consiered one of the most important celebration of the country.

This show catch eye of many people that arrive in Granada with music and cheerfulness fulling the streets. All the day you can found traditional food selled along the streets by occasional vendors.

The parade start in the west side of the city in front of "Flor de cana" stadium, folow the Avenida Arellano, and Rela Xalteva street, the Calzada street to end in the malecon front the lake. The day before several allegorical cars and dancers parad along the Granada stret: el carnaval.

Purísima celebration in Granada - 8th December

Purissima of Xalteva's

The Inmaculada Conceptiòn de Maria image stand on the hight altar of Granada's cathedral. It's a Francescan statue 150 centimeters tall pulled out of the water in 1721.

In 8th of December all over the country Nicaragua people build altars to Mary in their homes using palm leaves, flowers and candle. Children go door to door singing hymns to the virgin and are rewarded with candy or some coins. Every district built a float decorated with flowers and plants. Over the float usually there are children that represent a religious scene. A brass band accompanies the prayers along the streets. For Granada the Purisima is a Virgin icon known as La Conchita.

The icon protected the city for over a century. Unfortunately La Conchita didn't protect Granada from the pirate William Walker who sacked the city in 1855. Then William Walker attempted to conquer Nicaragua and the borderland so Salvadoran, Guatemalan and Nicaraguan generals formed an alliance against William Walker. The last thing done by William Walker was to burn Granada to the ground. Housed in the city's cathedral, La Conchita is said to have miracouly escaped the flames.

The legend tells that statue of the Virgin arrived from El Castillo fortress by boat crossing Cocibolca lake. Accordind to th hystorical Omar Lazo, other two Virgin Asuncion imagin and one Virgin Conception have arrived sailing in a litlle case across the lake till Granda. The imagines have been take off the waters by some washerwomen. Over every case has been written the destination city: Juigalpa, Granada and Masaya.


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