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Granada´s Churches

The cathedral


The original cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1856. It was rebuilt in 1880 and renovated in 1905. The new building was built by the order of the priest Silvestre Alvarez and the plans were made by Andres Zappata from Italy, who copied the cupola from the Vatican Basilica. The architect and Historian of Nicaraguan art, Porfirio Garcia Romano, says that this cathedral style is eclectic: classic arcade, cupolas from the renaissance period and ogiveand half-point arcs.


La Merced Church

This church was used by Mercedes people. Construction of this church began in 1871 and was finished in January 1783. Its structure is colonial and its doorways are baroque. The Mercedes Church was nearly destroyed during the 1854 civil war and completely destroyed by fire during the ensuing National War.



Xalteva Church

this church takes its name from the indigenous settlement where it was built. It was one of the first churches that the spanish built upon arriving in Central America and the subsequent city was founded around it. The church was reconstructed in 1890, but its exterior today is from 1895: towers are different styles, double windows, gothic mullions and imitation deuterobizantine cupolas. The Jalteva Park is in front of the church and was built in 1892.

Xalteva Walls

During the 1751 colonization, the Jalteva Walls were ordered to be built by Btigadier Fernandez de Heredia, which became the Royal Street entrance when opened for people visiting the antique Jalteva chieftaincy.

Guadalupe Church

Founded in 1624-1626 by Benito de Baltodano monk. Since it was burned it was rebuilded in a different architecture losing part of its historic value. The church is situated in the Calzada street (Calle la Calzada) near Nicargua Lake. The Guadalupe church during the Colonial time was very important because of its strategic position, infact it was situated at the entrance of the town from the lake. For this reason It was sacked and destroyed by pirates and filibusters. In November 1856 the troops of Willliam Walker were shut in Guadalupe church for 18 days by troops of Nicaragua Governement. During this time the troop gravely damaged the church. In 1890 the walls still kept the marks of the battle. It was rebuilt in 1945 as well as we can admire now with its plain and fine front.


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