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Frequently ask questions

Where's Nicaragua ?

It's in Central America, confines in the south with the Costa Rica and with the Hounduras in the north

How big is it ?

Nicaragua is 129,494 square kilometrers.

People ?

About 5 millions, 1.5 in the capital Managua.

What are the most important cities ?

Managua is the capital, Leon is the second for peples and historic interest and Granada is the most turistic center.

Which language is spoken ?

Spanish, English is understood in turistic place.

What is Nicaragua's climate ?

Tropical, the rain season, el invierno (the winter) starts at May and stop at October, the dray season, el vrano (the summer) start in Novembre till April. The average temperture is beetwin 25 and 35 celsius, in May and in October the rain id harder, december and January are the fresher month.

Which is Nicaragua's currency ?

Cordoba, about 120 cordoba for 1 dollar. US dollars are acepted everywere.

Which vaccinate are necessaries ?

None is requested.

Time zone ?

-7 from GM.

Airport's tax ?

5 dollars to enter and 32 to leave.

Internal transports ?

Wide bus network, connection of international bus, connection internal fly.

Is entry visa requested ?

European community members don't need any entry visa.

Typical food ?

Gallo Pinto: rice, black bean, salad, fried bananas and meat. Nicaraguan kichen are varius and good.

Which is the most practised religion ?

Christianity is the most practised religion.

There is malary ?

No it isn't.

Nicaragua driver's license:

Visitors can use their driver's license or permits from their country of residence for thirty-days as of their entry to Nicaragua


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