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Atlantic Coast history

Iguana image in the forest - Nicaragua
Iguana image in the forest

While attempting to reach the Indies, Columbus admiral on 12th September 1502 discovered the Nicaragua Caribbean Coast, rounding the cape Gracias a Dios (current name) . Spain began the conquest of the Atlantc Coast in 512. In the same year king Ferdinado II sent a governor to take possession of those lands and to submit the native residents of this coast.

This project failed because the native fought very hard and after a cruel war they succeded into repeling him with his assaliant army. Spain began a new invasion in 1522, this time from Guatemala and Honduras, but a year later this new attempt failed again and the soldiers were repelled. For this reason the natives were named “Indios bravo” (wild native).

In 1600, after the failure of the project to subdue the resident population with the army, Spain sent the monks. But many of these died meeting the wild tribes. To sum up, Spain did not conquier the Carribean lands nor his inhabitants, although Tordesillas treaty established that the Atlantic Nicarguan Coast belonged to Spain

Spain descovered first the Atlantic Cost but failed its goal to colonize because it conquisted land, wealth and slave only. Otherwise England, its rival, conquisted mans and e trust to reach its issue of domination hegmony and command.


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