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Atlantic coast parks and reserves

Wangly river photo - Nicaragua
Wangly river photo - Nicaragua
by Pino De Seta

Bosawas Biosphere Reserve

Bosawas is the largest wilded protected area of Central America, sacred for the Sumos native. The reserve is in the north of Nicaragua near the Honduras border, it includes a very big tropical and humid wood among the Bocay, Amaka, Lakus e Waspuk rivers and a hight elevation wood (nebliselva) among Ukapina, Babà, Asang Rara, El Toro e Saslaya mountains. Bosawas' characteristics are its high mountains alternating with wild valleys where you can find the jaguar and many kinds of flora and fauna.

Distance from Managua: about 550 km

Suggested route: by plane to Waspam then sail up the Coco river untill San Esquipulas, San Geronimo, San Carlos villages by speed boat. From Bonanza (Las Minas) village you can ride a horse or sail up to Sumo di Musawas, and there you are in the very heart of the reserve.

Cayos Miskitos

Is an archipelago of small islands covered with mangroves with a barrier reef situated in the cristal Carribean Sea.

Distance from Managua 500 Km

When you are in Puerto Cabezas you can rent a boat and in 5 hours trip you arrive into Cayos Miskitos.

How to get to Puerto Cabezas:
By car, about 15/20 hours trip in dry season, 2 days in the wet season
By plane: from Managua every day (daily flights)

Karatà Lagoon

Complex lagoon ecosystem on the northern Atlantic Coast with a very thick forestwood of mangroves. The internal part of the lagoon is connected with the Caribean sea trough a net of channels.

To get to Karatà Lagoon you can catch the plane to Puerto Cabezas then continue untill Lamlaya village. Here you can rent a boat and after a 2 hours trip you'll arrive at the lagoon.

Bluefield Lagoon

At the end of the Escondido river you can find the Bluefield lagoon, a little smaller than the previous one. The city of Bluefield rises on its west shore. Its caracteristics are white sand beach rounded from mangrovies, coconut tree and reef barrier.

The last group of Ramas natives are still living in several small island that rises in the lagoon.

The two lagon are connected by a narrow canal, that follow, in its last part, the Rio Kukra (Kukra river).


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