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Big Corn Island

Big Corn Island
Big Corn Island beach

Big Corn Island is the biggest of the Corns Islands with its four square miles of lush green forested hills and mangrove swamps in the interior and beautiful white coral sand beaches on the coasts.

The economy of Big Corn Island was based mainly on palm oil production until 1988, when Hurricane Joan destroyed most of the island's palm trees. Today, the fishing mainly lobsters and the turism, are the mains economic activity in the island.

The airport that connect Corn Island with Bluefields an Managua is near the main town is Brig Bay.

Corn Island has many beaches like South West bay named also Picnic Center with its white sand and calm blue waters is the best for swimming, Long bay on sout-west is a long beach with coconuts y big waves is excellet for walking. The north side of the island is the ideal place to snorkling, in Coral Reef there are three separate barriers of reef here where you can exploring the underwater marine world swimming in these warmturquoise waters.

If diving is your preference you can find a center that offer a very good service but Little Corn Island is better for this activity. The "downtown/commercial center" of Big Corn Island is located between the airport and the municipal docks.

If you prefere stay overe the ground you ca have a horseback riding through the forest and along mangrove swamps and hiking, inluding to an obsevation tower that sits atop the Island's hightest point Mt. Pleasant, where you can overlook the ocen with a 360 view.

The airport is located in Big Corn Island but the two islands are connected y a regular boat service


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