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Somoto Canyon

Cañon de Somoto- Nicaragua
Somoto Canyon


Somoto Canyon or Namancambre, recently declared National Monument, was discovered in 2004 by Czech and Nicaraguans geologists who conducted research in the area.

Today it has become an interesting destination for adventure tourism is a very alternate and rustic such extreme, because it doesn’t has all the conditions for mass tourism, as also because of the degree of difficulty.

The area of the department of Madriz is divided between land of volcanic rock, younger, about 10 million years, and metamorphic rocks, about 50 million years. The canyon is the result of faults in the area near Somoto, where they are and intermingle different geological terrains, revealing the presence of several types of rocks from the oldest to the most recent, says Dr in geology, William Martínez.

The canyon has about eight wells for which you must pass necessarily, some deep waters green or greenish blue, and extremely low temperatures, which can lead in the case of the longest, about 80 to 100 meters long, to affect the muscles.

At the bottom of the canyon run the cool water of the emerging Rio Coco or Wangki as known by the Miskito Nation, slipping between rocks or breaking at times violently in some occasions.

How to arrive

To reach this spectacular place it is necessary to continue from Somoto 15 km on the road to the border of El Espino at Km 230 1 / 2, which goes to the right along a rocky path. It is advisable to travel double track vehicle, if not part of the journey must continue on foot or by horse


With so much natural beauty there are a series of activities to do such as:

- Hiking, tours that have been authorized by Intur to enjoy the breathtaking views and fauna.

- Horseback riding, organized by residents of the community of the Sonis that are responsible for managing tourism activities in the area.

- Tours by boat or tire through the pools, as prescribed by the guidelines, the cost ranges between $ 1 and $ 2 per person.

For the more adventurous you can also rappel from heights reached 8 meters, 35 meters and 45 meters according tourist preferences. For professionals hights declines from 300 to 400 mts.

- It is recommended to take precautions due to the constant seismic activity in the area, causing landslides, so we recommend a guided tour in the area of backside as these vary in depth and in some cases they will need assistance guides to continue the journey.

Tour package are available that include, food, transportation and lodging in the community or in the city of Somoto.


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