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Charco Verde lagoon - Ometepe

Chico Largo leyend

Charco Verde lagoon
Charco Verde lagoon

Charco Verde lagoon is on the south side of the Ometepe island surrounded by a wanderful view. On its shores there are many trees and the plenty of algae givrs it a green color.

Turtles, crocodiles and many species of fish and water birds live in Charco Verde lagoon. The Charco Verde lagoon legen starts on colonial ages. Chico Largo was a witch doctor descending thet was run away from Rivas to the Gil Gonzalez Davila Conquistador arrival.

On said that on the lagoon there are « El Encanto » village populated by all the person that didn't respected the ban to pick the fruits and hunt in this place and that were turned into cows, bulls, pigs, crocodiles or turtles. Nobody need to cook in this town, the desired dishes appear out of thin air on the sumptuously laid tables.

They said that the lucky peoples are wealthy to reached an agreement with Chico Largo and that after their death reched « El Encanto ». The butchers of this neighbourhood tell that have found calfs and cows with gold teeths, sure were the same that reached an agreement with Chico Largo. His mother, Bucha mum, remained a legendary figure that all the islands inhabitants know.


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