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Chinandega informations

Foto del mercato di Chinandega
Foto del mercado de Chinandega - Nicaragua

Nature Trails:

San Cristobal Volcano: (1745 m), 10 km from the city of Chinandega

Bosque Las Banderas: (450 meters), between the volcanoes San Cristobal and El Chonco
The forest with 268 acres offers walking on the path The Old Man where you will find the tree of the oldest Black Guanacaste from Nicaragua, has a great variety of birds such as parakeets, parrots, soul dog, magpies, chachalacas , eagles, doves and guardabarranco be noted that the latter is our national bird

It is the only place in the city of Chinandega, inhabited by the white-faced monkey, anteater, porcupine, armadillo, deer, wild cat, squirrel, cuyuso, coati, coyote, which are animal species with extinction in Nicaragua


Realejo is a town of historical trajectory - colonial, has a historic port city of the same name, where the Spanish landed and pirates (English) who invaded, plundered and burned the same city and port cities such as Chinandega and Leon the seventeenth century, was the main port of Nicaragua and Central America

During the tour you will enjoy a beautiful view over the remains of ruins that still remain, landscapes estuary inflows also notice large plantillos red mangrove (extisión species) and you can see and hear the birds singing Isla El Cardon - Corinth You will have the opportunity to visit one of the lush tropical islands and Nicaragua, where known habitat for people living in contact with nature everyday This island is part of the town of Corinth, which is one of the main ports of Central America This town is known for its beautiful beaches and history Captive iguanas and lizards - Jiquilillo A few kilometers from the town of El Viejo is a family farm, where you will see green iguana species, iguanas endangered black and gray, is run by one family and deal with this plantillos are sugar cane, that is where you extracted the exquisite Ron Nicaragua. (FLOWER CANE) Visit the salt mines, where the guide will explain the process of extracting impressive salt for human consumption and this will be a unique process for natural Finally enjoy the pristine beaches of ecstasy at the sight Jiquilillo be inspiring and beautiful sunsets will contact directly with nature by walking on the beach, you can collect sea natural objects such as shells, stones, shells and starfish in different shapes, colors and size amount you want Cosigüina volcano. In this adventure path will have 2 days of breathtaking mountain scenery and untouched within this dormant volcano will see a beautiful lake rainfall product and also is accessible only to people trained to descend and climb cliffs Sleep a night in the crater of the volcano and at night, are seen in one place cities in three different countries (El Salvador, Honduras Choluteca and San Miguel Nicaragua Somotillo) north of the volcano is the Gulf of Fonseca, which is shared by the same three countries and the sailing ships of flags from many nations to have part of international waters Cliffs of Cosigüina These wonderful stacks rotate in 2 days, consisting of large rock cliffs located vertically where you can enjoy by watching the waves uniquely impact on those cliffs Sunsets are unique due to the height that these cliffs have and starry night, dark or moonlight according to the season when you visit us, you can see in this beautiful place with live music enlivened fires of yourself, if you can not play a musical instrument you can sing live songs native to the place ACCOMMODATIONS 1. Family accommodations: cozy, where you can exchange customs (know the funny character, human of Chinandega) and culinary culture with members of the family. Costs: Accommodation: Single room $ 12. Double room $ 16. Internal capital Managua Nicaragua (intenacional airport) to Chinandega. 1. Public transport or local taxi terminal to Israel Levites, public transport terminal to the West Chinandega. 2. Express minibus transport to Chinandega (final arrival, the public transport terminal Bisne). Another form of transportation from airport in Managua to Chinandega: After e-mail communication with attention to Yessy Carolina Carrasco and Maria Jiron Nidia Rocha. Transportation will be coordinated airport express Managua to Chinandega, provided security and comfort for only $ 15 group of 10 people, $ 30 group of 5 people, $ 75 two people and $ 150 one person JOIN WITH FOUR PEOPLE AND COME CHINANDEGA The routes have tour guides trained in languages ​​(Spanish and English) first aid trained staff technically in handling all types of motor vehicles and as a main feature of them is to have excellent human relations. THINK NO MORE SAVE YOUR VACATION AND COME CHINANDEGA! Want to learn more gladly provide IN NICARAGUA: Phone: 341 - 1433, Chinandega, Nicaragua E - mail: Jessy Jiron Nidia Maria Carrasco and Tourism Office Park Chinantlan alternative Roses Association, one block north, ½ west Chinandega, Nicaragua, Central America Jeannette Verhaart IN HOLLAND Eindhoven, The Netherlands Phone: E - mail: difi.verhaart @ IN GERMANY Barbara Engels Leverkusen, Germany E - mail: Nicagruppe. We are at your service


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