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Chinandega - Nicaragua

Chinandega market - Nicaragua
Chinandega market - Nicaragua

The enchanting departement of Chinandega is situated in the west zone of the pacific coast near the Honduras, that make more easy go there. It's composed by 13 city hall, 450 thousand inhabitants, but only 180 thousand are adults.

Beautiful beach and inesplorated mountain are located in this department and you can admire fantastic sunset from the beach of Paso Caballos, Corinto, Jiquilillo ecc. It's an agricultural zone where are producted the best Rones of Nicaragua. The Ron is get by the yest of the sugar cane very widespread i this part of Nicaragua.

interesting events

January 05 : Celebration of miracle's men in villanueva town

February 05: Celebration of Candelaria Vigin in chichigalpa, night of rum and sugar, and virgin of the danger celebration in Posoltega.

from february 09 to 11: San Caralampio's celebration in Cinco pinos.

March 09: Virgin of the miracles' celebration in San Francisco del norte.

May 01: Celebrtions of the Saint Cross in Santo Tomas del Norte

From may 01 to 29: Days of the Saint Cross in Corinto and gastronomic fair of the sea

july 17: Santa Ana's celebration in chinandega and the greatest serenade to live up to Santa Ana.

September 02: Anniversary of Chinandega

September 27 Anniversary of having been elevated to city, Chichigalpa.

December 06: Washing of the silver , El viejo


El Realejo

El Relajero is a colonial municipality, it's composed by an historic seaport
that has the same name.
Here the english pirates landed, they invaded, sacked and burned El Relajeroand
others important city like Leon and Chinandega.
In the 1700 it was the principal seaport of Nicaragua.
During the tour you can admire the collapse, amazing view, big plantation of red
manglares and you can hear the melodious song of myriads of birds.


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