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discover las isletas by kayak

The waters between the Las Isleta archipelago and the shores of the Cocibolca lake are shallow and you can get in only by kayak.

An experienced guide will keep you to amaze the caracteristic of this swampy zone and he'll help you discovering the wild animals hidden in the depths of the trees or among the bushes of the islands.

Normally the trip starts at 300 mt far from the Las Isletas, if you are using a kayak for the first time or if the vawes in the lake are big is better to carry the kayak to the Las Cabañas harbor nearer the fnal destination. When you stay among the "isletas", the waters are very calm and rowing among the tree and bushes is a pleasure.

The organization will supply to you, beyond to the kayak and the canoe paddle, the life saver vest and one watertight ag where to put the personal objects and the camera in order to avoid damages if you fall in water.

In order to complete the distance they are necessary approximately 2,5 hours. For reservations call the hotel El Maltese located at 200 mt from the start or write to



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