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How to arrive Nicaragua

You can come to Nicaragua from all around the world by land transport, air and sea. Several airlines have direct flights or connections between other places until their arrival at International Airport Augusto C. Sandino in Managua.

All visitors to enter the country must pay the Tourism Card to the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (INTUR). This tax has a cost of 5.00 U.S. dollars, except for citizens members to the CA-4 (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. Payment must be made in U.S. dollars in cash and expires in a period of 3 months.

Nationals of the following countries require visa to enter, except if they have in passport Residence from The United States of America, England or Canada. In these cases, the Consulate will issue the visa without any further formality.

Africa: Angola, Argelia, Asmara Eritrea, Congo, Etiopia, Ghana, Liberia, Libia, Malí, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sierra Leona, Somalia, Sudán.

America: Cuba, Haiti

Asia: Afganistan, Bangdalesh, China, Corea del Norte, India, Indonesia, Irak, Irán, jordania, Laos, Libano, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestina, Siria, Sri Lanka, Timor Oriental, Viet Nam, Yemen.

Europa: Albania, Armenia, Bosnia y Herzegovina

At the entrance the citizens listed? above, must submit:

  • Passport valid for not less than six months
  • Return ticket to their country of origin or residence
  • Visa on the Passport
  • Central American citizens who require visa for entry are: Costa Rica, with a value of 20.00 U.S. dollars, and Panama, with a value of 5.00 U.S. Dollars. These payments are made in dollars only.

    Citizens who belong to the CA-4 (Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua), can enter the country with their identity card.

    By road you can enter through the borders: Peñas Blancas the southern border with Costa Rica and El Guasaule in the northern border with Honduras.

    By sea, cruises anchor in the ports of Corinto in Chinandega and San Juan del Sur. Also there is in Leon Puerto Sandino, Rama port mainly for cargo transport, Puerto Cabezas and El Bluff on the Atlantic Cost.


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