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Leon's celebrations - Nicaragua

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Griteria Chiquita

The "Griteria Chiquita" is celebrated every year on August 14th to fulfill a promise made by Bishop Monseñor Isidro Augusto Oviedo y Reyes to the Mother of God. He sought her protection from the violent eruption of the Cerro Negro volcano, about 19 miles from León, which was discharging rivers of lava and raining sand and ashes over the city in July 1947. The celebration is one of penitence.

San Jerónimo celebration

Celebrated the 29th and 30th of September with folk dances amid a sea of blazing colors.

There are two processions with the image of San Jerónimo: the afternoon of the 29th carrying the image from the cathedral to the church of Sutiava where it remains overnight and the following morning returning it to the cathedral. To the sound of drumbeats, a multitude dance rhythmically with serpentine movements.

Heading both processions are three or four dramatizations of "El Toro Guaco", accompanied by their personal drum band.

Virgin of Mercy: Patron Saint of León

The faithful attend mass every day in September: 4 AM for men and 5 AM for women.
On the 24th, these devout followers of the Virgin celebrate with a procession carrying
a statue of the Virgin through the principal streets of the city.

7th of december Griteria

Dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of Mary, León's most solemn and joyous feast is now celebrated throughout Nicaragua. The celebration honoring the "Patrona de Nicaragua" begins on the evening of the 7th and ends the evening of the 8th.

And the next day the people run along Leon streets, among a big happiness, fireworks and good music called "Chicheros". Sometimes the crowd cry aloud "who cause so much happiness " and other answer with the same excitability "THE CONCEPTION OF MARY".


celebrate with prayers and songs singing front of thousands of Leon houses. People sing the "Candor de la Luz Eterna" written by friar Rodrigo de Jesus Betancurt and published for the first time in 1720 to honour the Conception Virgin. This devotion receives all the people that whish partecipate. So during all over the nine days, after pray to the Virgin. is offered the "Gorra" made by fruits and sweets.


Celebrada el 12 de Diciembre, generalmente los niños y niñas se visten como antiguamente lo hacían los indígenas para celebrar esta festividad. Celebrated the 12th of December, usually the childrens wear old costumes the same that the native used to celebrate this event.


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