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How to arrrive Leon - Nicaragua

Cathedal OF Leon - Nicaragua
Leon's cathedral
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León has 2 main access, the first on the road thart link León with the capital Managua and the other toward Chinandega (north). From Managua you can reach León by bus that leave from Israel Lewites market.

The trip Managua-León is 1 hour and 15 minutes long and the road is good. The tiket price is 20 Cordobas ($1.3) to an ordinary bus and rise to 24 Cordobas ($1.5) for a express bus (12-passengers bus). The same route y taxi cost about $40 to sare with all the passangers, for this reason usually the taxi doesn't leave utill are full.

The bus station in León is in El Coyar district, from there leave the buses for all other destination. The most important is on the northward road that takes (leads) to Honduras trough El Viejo border point.

To move within town you can use the taxi that cost 10 Cordobas per person (traveling to the suburbs is more expensive). There are also specia bus called "camionette", This service has a fixed route within city and costs 2 1/2 cordobas. The "camonette" staff is usually very polite so you can ask them about your destination and they tell you when is time to get down.


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