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Leon informations

Tomba de Ruben Diario
Ruben Diario's tomb

The soil around the Leon is very rich and for many years it has been cultivated cotton. Now the cultivation is nearly absent but, because of the poison used in the cultivation of the cotton that has strongly contaminated the land, hard work to find cultivations substitutive. After to have left uncultivated the fields for many years, it has been begun to cultivate fagioli, soia and maize.

Other important cultivation is the sugar cane, from which, beyond to the sugar it is gained, through the process of the distillation, the rum. Flor de Caña is the main producer of this liqueur.

Near The city of Leon there are a lot of colonial church, the most important is the Leon's cathedral that is also the biggest of the Central America its splendour show the profound faith of this people


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Muestra de Glifos
18 artistas del grabado muestran su arte en ingenio
IX Granada’s International Poetry Festival
Granada’s International Poetry Festival is an extraordinary celebration of poetry that takes place across the entire city.For a week Granada is transformed into a virtual Capital of the World’s Poetry
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