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Little Corn Island

Little Corn Island
Little Corn Island palms

Little Corn Island is the smallest of the Corn Islands, its surface is a little more then one square mile.

Little Corn Island is the widest of the two islands, noise and cars congestion don't live here. The hotels, the restaurants, the dive shop and the beaches are a short distance of each other so you can only walking.

Little Corn Island is encircled by coral reefs, the visibility at 10 feet deep is 80-100 meters so this place is a good place for diving. In the dive shops you can find all you need for diving or for snorkling.

If you want to relax yourself you can swinging in a hammock enjoing the ocean breaze or sitting on the wooden benches of a table covered by a small grass umbrella looking out over the brilliant clear blue-green waters drinking a cold bear and eating sea food. If you are more active you can make ocean kayaking, horse riding and walking along wide beaches and natural forest path.


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