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Managua - Transportation

There are different ways to travel around the city and moving from one place to another, if you don?t know how to reach your destination you can feel free to ask a person that surely will guide you.

Regular buses have defined routes that cross the city and is the most widely used by its inhabitants, there are bus stop in different points, but the truth is they do stop at almost any point, the value is C $ 2.50 córdobas less than 15 U$ cents.

Taxis are a fast way to move by the city, especially if you are not familiar with the directions, as they don?t have a taximeter to set the price, to pay is necessary to reach agreement with the taxi driver, we recommend to ask a local for the cost to reach your destination.

Make sure the taxi plate is red, the identification of the taxi driver is visible, and above all take caution in dealing with taxis in the night, prefer to travel in groups.

Managua is the connection point for those who go to different cities, if you want to travel inside the country you need to go to the bus stations the most important are:

  • In the front of the UCA (Centro American University), microbuses depart to Masaya, Granada, Jinotepe, Carazo, Leon and leave every 15 to 20 minutes
  • Roberto Huembes Station, Express buses depart to Granada, Masaya, Rivas and Tipitapa, every 30 - 45 minutes.
  • Lewites Israel Station, depart for Chinandega, Jinotepe, and Leon Pochomil. Expresses buses depart frequently for Leon and Chinandega.
  • Mayoreo Station, depart to Boaco, Estelí, Juigalpa, Matagalpa, Ocotal, Rama, Siuna and Somoto. Buses depart frequently for Esteli and Matagalpa.


Managua Airport Transfer

Managua Airport Transfer to Granada
managua airport transfer

This is the best shuttle service from the Managua International Airport to Granada
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