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Managua turistic places

Huellas de Acahualinca

Acahualinca traks Managua
Acahualinca footprints

The Acahualinca site was discovered in the last part of the part of the 19th century by Earl Flint, but the first scientific studies were made only in 1941 and 1942. In the Acahulinca traks you can find human trakes accompanied by stag, lizard, bison and turkey scents.

Six thousand years ago, in what is now the city of Managua, a group of people walked along the shores of the lake. On supose that these ancient Nicaraguans took their stroll on a dry summer day and their footprints baking hard where they had walked, recording their passage. Subsequently, a flood of mud and ash, which flowed down from the surrounding hillsides and volcans, covering the footprints.

Those traks show how the first inhabitants of Managua lived together to the volcanic nature of this land that, besides terrorize them, fertilized the ground by pyroclastic material. So this area became one of the most rich and fertil land of the Central America.

Plaza de la República (anteriormente llamada Plaza de la Revolución)

Located on the shores of Managua lake is famous for the many political events that have taken here over the decades. The Palacio Nacional de la Culura and the Museo Nacional with natural history and archeological displays, contemporay art and visiting exibits overlook the square and the Rubén Darío National Library

The old cathedral

cattedrale vecchia di Managua
Old cathedral of Managua

The old Cathedral of Managua is situated in the east side of the Rebublic square in front of the fountain "Fuende Audiovisual". Rises over the Santiago church's ruins that collapsed in 1871, was inaugurated in 1938 after 7 work years. It's a neoclassic church builds with a simple style and preserves its original structure made with iron covered by stones.

Monseñor Antonio Leacao y Urtega CONSACRO' the cathedral during the celebrations of the 100 years after that Managua was consacrated town. It was demaged by the earthquake in 1972 and is forbidden get in.


Nationale Theatre Rubèn Dario

Managua Ruben Diario theatre
Ruben Diario theatre

The Nationale Theatre Rubèn Dario, with its impeccable modern and elegant design, was recently inaugurated after extensive renovation.This building was damaged an earthquake in 1972 and during the restoration the structure was reinforced using the most modern technologies. Renowned architects and engineers, who had previously worked on the Opera House in Sidney and the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, combined their talents for the restoration of the Nationale Theatre.

Its ample stage made with refined wood even look like to be within easy reach to the audience. Il sio magnifico gioco di luci e colori conferiscono un tocco magico Magico alle varie rappresentazioni artistiche e culturali programmate durante il corso dell'anno, all'interno di una agenda fitta di rappresentazioni nazionali e internazionali, che spesso sono affiancate da esposizioni di arte eletteratura. Una magnifica opzione per gli amanti della cultura del Nicaragua.


Managua Airport Transfer

Managua Airport Transfer to Granada
managua airport transfer

This is the best shuttle service from the Managua International Airport to Granada
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Real estate

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Se vende terreno en Granada

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Se vende terreno en MOMOTOMBO

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