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Measure units

Though in Nicaragua the decimal system is used, the common practice is definitely different.

As to length and surface, the vara (0.84) and the manzana amounting to 10,000 square varas (0.70ha) are used.

To measure cloth length the yard (0.91 m) is used, while for measuring heights the foot (30.48cm) and the inch (2.54 cm.) are used.

Liquids , especially fuel and some types of drinks, are generally measured in gallons (3,785 l) Even half gallon and a quarter of gallon (approximately 3/4 l) are used.

Rum bottles are usually 1/4 gallon, for ex., while bottles containing half of this last measurement are called "media".

As to weights, ccording to the items, the ounce is commonly used together with the arroba that corresponds to 25 pounds(11.32 Kg) and the quintal corresponding to 4 arrobe (45.36 Kg)

For what concerns temperature, centigrades or fahrenheit degrees are used indistinctly.


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