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Volcano Mombacho Natural Reserve

It is 12 kilometers to the west of Granada on the road to Nandaime and Rivas, it is open from Thursday to Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday resevation is requested, monday close.

To reach the entrance of the park, where the special transport tracks leave, you can catch the bus (Nandaime or Rivas line), walking for the last 1500 meters. If you don’t like walk, you can catch a taxi from Granada that leave you at the entrance directly.

Time to live trak: 8:30, 10:00, 13:00, 15:00

Tiket: children C$ 50, resident: C$80, foreign C$180, Cars C$ 200 + Entry

Las flores del Mombacho - Nicaragua
Mirador in "El Crater" path - Gallery Mombacho flowers

Available path:

Path El Cráter, lenght 1 Km, without guide, low difficulty, time necessary 1 hour
Walking along this track you can see the unique humid tropical forest on the Pacifica Nicaraguan coast. You can also discover the local flora and fauna showed in several wood poster placed on the path.

Path El Puma, lenght 4 Km, with guide, hight difficulty, time necessary 4 hours
We suggest this track for groups of turists that like walking and can stay longer in the Mombacho Reserve. "El Puma" path go throught the humid wood and skirts the crater's edge where you can see a fumarole that emanates sulphurous gases. Walking along this path you met several "mirador"from which you can appreciate wonderful views.

At the Mombacho altitude the temperature is a little cool, so is better leave a jacket and in the rain season a raincoat to repair yourself from the storm that start suddently.

For more informations:
(505) 2552-5858 (505) 8886-4032


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Se vende terreno urbanizado

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Sobre Pista Larreynaga, puente 1 1/2c. arriba, No.

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