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Nicaragua's food

Rosquillas, comuda tipica de Nicaragua

The Nicaragua has a very long cooking tradition with a lot of good characteristic plate, many of those plate are connected to particular festivity. In the recipes zone you will find the istruction to prepare some of those plate.

Some of the ingredients aren't easy to find out of the Nicaragua then, when is possible, we indicate some alternatives that are easy to find.In Nicaragua is common to eat in the street using the stall, so the meal become a socialization moment.In the restaurants, the popular in particular, is possible to eat during all day but they close early; the place situated in the central zone are open at a late hour.

Along the city's street it is common to meet pedlars who offer food: simple fruit in plastic bag that is ready to eat, rosted mais, quick snack like quesillo (a tortilla with cheese, milk cream, onion and chile) or the vigoron (yucca and salad with fried pork) and to end the gallo pinto, the plate that rappresent the NicaraguaThe gallo pinto is a plate composed by rice and bean, it can also comprend salad, fried banana, fried cheese or milk cream; the gallo pinto can be consumated in every momente of the day and you can find it in every nicaraguan's house.

Along the streets is possible buy fruit (pitaya, calala, granadilla), erb (grama)and cacao and mais (pinolillo) drinks; those drinks are usually served in a plastic bag with ice.For the food don't exist particular problem but for the drinks and the ice there are in fact they are preparated with no pure water.


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