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General Information

Lago Cocibolca  Nicaragua
Nicaragua Flag

Nicaragua is located in the heart of Central America, is the ideal destination for those who are seeking something completely different

The territory is between two oceans, dozens of volcanoes, lagoons, legendary lakes, rivers, hundreds of exotic plant and animal species, colonial towns, archaeological treasures, natural wonders, the birthplace of illustrious men, lively music, vibrant nights a unique and exquisite cuisine, this and much more plus the warmth and friendliness of its people will leave good memories in you.


Nicaragua is bordered on the north by Honduras, Costa Rica to the south, at east to the Atlantic Ocean and the west by the Pacific Ocean


According to the census of 2005 approximately 6,000,000 inhabitants.

Ethnic groups:

Mestizos 69% , 17% European descent, African descent 9%, Amerindian 5%.

Total Surface:

130,373.47 Km2. Ranking as the biggest country of Central America

Territory surface:

120,039.54 Km2

Surface water:

10,033.93 Km2 the territory covered by lakes and freshwater lagoons, including Lake Nicaragua or Cocibolca who occupies approximately 8,000 km2, Lake Managua or Xolotlán with approximately 1,000 km2 and the rest are located in volcanic crater lake came into inactivity ago several thousand years.


Catholic 95%, others 5%




The area between the lakes and the Pacific is dry and low rainfall. Temperatures range between 27 and 32 ˚C in the rainy season or winter between May and October, and 30 to 35 ˚C in the dry season or summer from November to April.


The official language is Spanish, on the Atlantic Coast is spoken Creole English , Miskito and other indigenous languages.

National Symbols

National coat


Madroño - National tree

National bird


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