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San Ramón waterfall - Nicaragua

San Ramon waterfall
San Ramón waterfall

San Ramón waterfall is located on the island of Ometepe at the southern slope of the Maderas Volcano, about 3 kilometers far from the small village of San Ramón.

The 56-meters waterfall is visible at the end of a nice 1.5-2 hike up from the lake, crossing the rain forested that cover the foot of the Madera. This path leads not only to the San Ramón waterfall, but also to the lagoon on top of the Maderas Volcano and provide some great views of the gigantic Lake Nicaragua. It's possible enter by car for the first 2 Kilometers

Nature is in abundance along this trail, and there are many animals that can be ear or seen. Howler monkeys live in this area and they cab be seen easily. By being alert and lucky, different types of snakes can also be seen, including boas. Other animals that can be seen include a wide variety of bird species and insects.

There are several starting points, but the best access is probably from the Biological Field Station, located at the border of the village of San Ramón. The entrance fee at the Biological Station is C$40 tel +505 2563-0875

Crystal-clear water flows from the waterfall year-round, and halfway up the trail there is a hydro-electric plant that uses the water pressure to create electricity. Near the electric plant the the path splits into two directions: the path to the right leads to the waterfall, the path to the left to the top of the volcano.

The temperature and humidity can be quite high especially in the summer, so it's recommended to bring enough water or other drinks. Sunscreen can also be useful, and of course bathing suits for the ones who plan to cool off below the waterfall.

The village of San Ramón can be reached by car or bus. The bus to San Ramón leaves Moyogalpa at 8 a.m., returning daily at 2:30 p.m.


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