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Pacific zone

The Pacific area of Nicaragua is characterized by its warm climate, you can find a variety of places to enjoy, from huge volcanic chain that crosses all the region, as well as picturesque colonial towns, nature reserves, beautiful white sandy beaches. The cities that conform this region are:

Pacific map


It is the capital of Nicaragua, political and economic center, which also has fascinating places with lush nature, including nature reserves like Montibelli and The Chocoyero. Among its attractions is also his former Historical Center

Granada - león:

They are the most important colonial cities, its historic sites take you back to colonial times, still retain their original characteristics. Are home interesting cultural events throughout the year.

Masaya - Carazo:

These picturesque villages are home to the highest expressions of the Nicaraguan floklore such as The Güegüense or Macho Mouse, Dance of las Inditas, Los Agüizotes, among others. Masaya is a town of craft artisans whose has been passed from generation to generation, also has important centers of attraction such as Masaya Volcano, the Mirador de Catarina and the Apoyo Lagoon.


It is the city that recorded the highest temperatures up to 38 C in summer. It has a greater number of volcanic formations where you can practice sandsurf, hiking and visiting termal waters.


Is known for its beautiful beaches, perfect for water sports including fishing, surfing, windsurfing and especially its magical sunsets, the most popular beach is San Juan del Sur followed by Playa el Coco, La flor, Marsella, el Astillero and others. And of course the beautiful island of Ometepe with two towering volcanoes and cool waters become into a paradise ready to be explored.


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