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Poneloya Pacific Ocean

Poneloya Nicaragua
Poneloya's beach Nicaragua - Nicaragua
Poneloya gallery

It's one of the most popular beach in Nicaragua located 20 kms from the city of Leon.

This beach hugged and bathed in its waters poet Ruben Dario, who as a child visit the place with his family, at the time traveling would take two days by ox cart, at the beach visitors shacks with palm tree branches. Ruben would disappear to gaze at the stars and to hear the waves crashing against the fabulous "Peña del Tigre".

Poneloya is know for its houses with elegant balconies facing the beach, from there you admire the sun settings, moments of ispirations well-known characters like Dr. Perez Ponce who wrote a song that quest like this, "The sea dresses in white laces, leaving tender memories for all the cunbathers of Ponoleya in Nicaragua", and we cannot help it but mention the distinguished writer Sergio Raminez Mercado, who wrote the popular novel "Tiempos de Fulgor", in remembrance to the summer that he shared With his family and friends in is summer home known as "La Terraza".

Para llegar a las playas se pude tomar el bus en Leon, el viaje dilata como una media hora, quien tiene un carro son 15 minutos.

To reach Poneloya you have to catch the bus in Leon, 20 minutes trip, if you have a car you can arrive to Ponelya in 15 minutes.

In the beach you can find simples but good restaurant where eat fish and all kind of see food, the prices are cheap about 10$ for meal. In Poneloya you can find hotels and hostals where stay a few days for a relaxed period.


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