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Raan - Nicaragua

North Atlantic Coast Map
North Atlantic Coast Map

This region occupies a large area between the Rio Wangly on the north and the Rio Grande of Matagalpa on the south reacing the Caribbean Sea on the east and the higest esterrn summits of the Isabelia mountain chain, near Jinoltega department border, on the west.

Most part of Raan region is flat, only on the west border the Isabelia mountains reach 1,600 meters hight over the sea level.

In this part of Nicaragua, among Siuna, Bonanza and Rosita villages, there are the most important mineral layers: gold, copper and iron. The 60 islands that form Cayo Miskito, a wonderful marine natural reserve, belong to Raan form an administrative poit of view.

Raan consist of 7 departments, and has 130.000 inhabitants. Puerto Cabezas is the region capital with its 35,000 inhaitants. Most of the population is made by Miskito natives, only in the most inner areas you can find small ethnic Sumo.

The most important natural areas of Nicaragua are situated in this region: the forest of Bosawas Riserve, Cola Blanca (white tail) reserve, Cerro Banacruz reserve, the riparian woods of the miskita savanna, the humid zone with mangrovie wood of Rio Pinzapolka delta and the coral reef of Cayo Miskito.


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