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San Carlos - Nicaragua

San Carlos - Nicaragua
San Carlos and the start of SanJuan River

It's a small town placed on the shores of Cocibolca lake where start the San Juan river.

San Carlos fort, situated behind the central park, is the highest spot of the town, and it offers to the tourist a wonderful sight of the town and of the whole Nicaragua Lake.

If you like walking , you can visit the new Malecón of San Carlos and enjoy the landscape on river and lake from the balcony of the pub "Mirasol". If you decide to stay there to have lunch, do not hesitate to ask for very fresh home cooking fish coming from the lake. Walking through Malecón towards East, you reach San Carlos Port.

Inside the tourism office, in front of the dock, it is possible to find many details on shelters and reserves near San Carlos and to know the price to visit them. Do not forget to watch the new market situated near San Carlos port, where you can find a big variety of tropical fruit, vegetables and many other things. The market is not only a place where it is possible to sell and buy, but it is also a meeting point.


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