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Cosiguina volcano - Nicaragua

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Volcan Cosiguina

The Cosigüina volcano is in the center of the peninsula that have the same name, the vulcanic complex includes faraglioni and some little islands that are situated in front of the Fonseca's gulf in the west part on the Nicaragua.

It's one of the last shelter of natural life in the pacific coast of Nicaragua; this volcano has 13000 hectares of extension and it's cone is 872 meters higt.

In the bottom of the crater of the volcano there are a lagoon formated when in the january of 1835 there was an eruption that is considered one of the most violent of center America. After the eruption the volcan fell on himself. The lagoon is 160 meters on the sea level and 700 meters under the top of the volcan, the complex surface isf 133 hectares.


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