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Volcano Momotombo

The volcano Momotombo - Nicaragua
The volcano Momotombo

The volcano Momotombo is situated in the center of the chain of volcanos that cross the west of the Nicaragua. In the 1605 it erupted and it destroyed the city of Leon Viejo that in this moment was the capital of the country.

The volcano is 1297 meters high and is relatively young in fact he is only 4500 years old.
His last eruption dates back to the 1905 and now you can notice the lava rivers also now there are little volcanic phenomenons.

Is possible arriving to the top of the volcano but is a 8-10 hours trip and it is adivisable to sleep here; the wind on the summit is very strong and during the night is cold so it is a good idea to take heavy cloth.

From the top of the Momotombo you chave a great view; in fact you can admire the Pacific Ocean, the volcano Masaya and the lake Cocibolca with the Ometepe's island in the center.


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