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Eco Tour

tourism in harmony with nature...

DAY 1: Arriving Nicaragua

Transport from International Airport Augusto C. Sandino to Hotel in Managua. Welcome dinner

DAY 2: Managua - León

Our adventure begins in this vibrant capital city Managua with a tour in the historic center, then we go to Leon, the second most important colonial city after Granada, includes visits to the cathedral, other churches, museums and of course you will love leon nightlife.

DAY 3-4: Somoto Canyon– Miraflor Reserve

We continue our tour in the spectacular Somoto canyon where you will enjoy the the breathtaking views of rock formations and swim in its cool waters, in an environment that inspires tranquility. Followed we went to the Miraflor reserve in Estelí, in an atmosphere of nebliselva, you will enjoy hiking, horseback riding, birds and flowers sights, waterfalls, lakes.

DAY 5: Organic Farm in Matagalpa

The journey continues into an organic coffee farm located in Matagalpa, a city in northern Nicaragua with the major coffee producers, which has a very pleasant climate all year, you can share with the local farmers practicing environmentally responsible and of course taste the best coffee in Nicaragua in the best mountain environment.

DAY6:Apoyo Lagoon

Our next destination takes us to the city of Masaya to enjoy in Apoyo lagoon and get fascinated with its nature, you can enjoy the tranquility of its waters, water sports including kayak, windsurfing, hiking and enjoy the sounds of nature.

DAY 7-8: Granada Islets - Mombacho volcano

We take a Boat ride through Granada islets, where you'll discover the wildlife that lurks in its corners, as well as fascinating views of the archipelago consisting of 365 islands, continuing to Mombacho Volcano Reserve where you can do a canopy tour above an organic coffee farm, you can also do tours through the trails, enjoying the most exotic flora and fauna.

DAY 9-10: Ometepe Island

The adventure continues, this time we came to Ometepe Island of great natural beauty recently nominated to be one of the new wonders of the natural world is an island with two active volcanoes in a freshwater lake during the stay can experience the adventure to climb the Maderas Volcano, visit to Santo Domingo beach, San Ramon waterfall, look at the petroglyphs and relaxing in the calm waters of the Charco Verde lagoon , place of legends and beautiful scenery.

DAY 11-12: San Juan del Sur Beaches

Tour in the most beautiful Pacific beaches of Nicaragua, where you can enjoy walks along the white sand beaches, its amazing sunsets and water sports, visits to the beaches Popoyo, Marsella, San Juan del sur, El Coco and la flor where from June to January you can witness the arrival of sea turtles that visit these shores to lay their eggs, is a unique experience in life.

DAY 13: Masaya Volcano – Granada

Tour to Masaya city, town of the national folklore, includes visit to the National Park Masaya Volcano , Catarina viewpoint, Craft Market (On Thursdays you may enjoy a cultural show at Masaya´s craft market named: Noches de Verbena).

DAY 14: The adventure is over

Transport from Hotel to Managua International airport.



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